Soil Vapor Remediation System


Sand Creek designed and installed a soil vapor remediation system at a dry-cleaning business to remediate solvents released to soil below and adjacent to the building.  The solvent is a volatile organic compound (VOC), a type of chemical that turns quickly from liquid to vapor at room temperature. As the chemical percolated down through the soil, it gradually partitioned into a gas and travelled through interconnected air-spaces in the soil, making its way through the soil under the foundation.

Of particular concern is having this gas enter residences and workplaces through cracks in the building foundation and floor, where it can represent a health risk to the people inside. Sand Creek designed a system to remove harmful vapors by drawing air up from impacted soil and through a carbon filter where the solvent is sorbed onto the carbon and the cleaned air is released into the atmosphere. With this system, the threat to indoor air quality is mitigated and the solvent in the soil is removed. This option is less expensive and energy-intensive than traditional soil remediation by excavation. The extraction system has now been running at the former dry cleaners for about 8 months; ongoing sampling shows that solvent concentrations are dropping.